27 March 2007

Week 9 -- Exercise #23

It was very interesting to work through these exercises with my teenager. The timing for this program was not good for us.

My teenager was busy with her school works and I was busy with my work. However, we were committed to complete the tasks. We did manage to work with each other in such odd hours. She would have a few minutes here and there to concentrate on this program. It is extremely nice to work on these exercises with my daughter. Every chance we got, we worked together.

I have learned so much from these 23 exercises, and I also learned so much from my teenager. I must admit again that some teenagers are far more advanced in their knowledge of technology than me.


This project has been pretty fun, pretty interesting. At first, I really didn't want to help my mom because I have been extremely busy with everything going on in my life. It's actually been pretty hard to fit in time for my mom. Even so, it has been a really fun and bonding experience, mostly because we can laugh about all the problems we went through. For example, agreeing on a good color for the layout of the blogger seemed easier than it actually was! Yeah, I dont think something like this is gonna happen again with my Mom, especially since I'm going to college so soon. I'm glad to have done this with her. [=

22 March 2007

Week 9 -- Exercise #22

Ebooks and Audio Ebooks

Wow, there are more than 500,000 ebooks available through World ebooks Fair Site and they are available in more than 100 languages. That is impressive to me. We are lucky in Silicon Valley where many library system carries materials in many languages. Some non-English speakers in a small town with a small library budget may find this site very useful.

At SJPL, we are fortunate to have a nice collection of ebooks and audio ebooks for our customers.

20 March 2007

Week 9 -- Exercise #21

Podcast is a digital recording of audio content that is downloaded from the Internet and listened to on either a computer or a portable media player.


Small samples (few seconds) of Josh Groban's voice:



the only podcast i know of is mugglecast. and booyyy is it fun! i love being able to hear so much about harry potter and the book and their predictions about the last book! ohh who is RAB?!

Week 9 -- Exercise #20

It is not long ago that my conversation with my teenager when something like this:
"What is going on with this YouTube? Watch what you do with this "TUBE-thing."
You need to know about safety first. There are so many crazy people out there. Your phone or address should not be there, etc..."

From zevyanovich
Festivities in Medellin, Colombia during the flower festival in August.

Festividades en Medellin, Colombia durante la feria de las flores en Agosto.


YOUTUBEEEE! FINALLY, FINALLY, Mom enters MY world. Youtube is the coolest, best invention of my life. sorta. Well, I record sooo many videos. My friends acting crazy, me falling on my first day of snowboarding.... and now I can publish it for everyone to see! Not to mention, its awesome when I find all those crazy music videos people make. Fergielious? yeaaaah.

[this was my first day/time snowboarding. yeaaah it was fun, but i was horrible!]

[my two best friends at my school. awww theyre so funny!]

[my favorite song, EVER.]

Week 8 -- Exercise #19

Library Thing--

It is simple to create a profile and add books.

I selected four books by the same author. This author's four books have the number in 3030, 3981, 4267, and 8526.

This is the link to 5 of my favorite books.

I will definitely go back to look.

Week 8 -- Exercise #18

[Orchid by Pradeep]

Zoho Writer gives option to make the file into a pdf file. This option will be useful when making monthly calendar for the library customers.

Other Zoho Services

Zoho Creator
Online web applications creator.

Zoho Show
Online presentation tool

Zoho Sheet
Online spreadsheet service.

Zoho Planner
Online organizing tool.

Zoho Chat
Instant messaging and group chat tool

Zoho Wiki
Online Wiki with public, private & group permissions

Week 7 -- Exercise #17

I added two favorite restaurants to SJPL sandbox.

06 March 2007

Week 7-- Exercise #16

I just looked at Wikipedia in English and looked up random words. There are lots of information, but how accurate can they be when anyone can just edit them.

Wikipedia is one of the most useful website ever, especially with AP US History last year. We were super tested on vocab or events, and it was sooo useful to have that website with a summarized version of everything. I remember hearing about the "problem" with Wikipedia in that anyone could submit info about the topic, so it basically had a lot of misinformation and stuff. What I found out was that Wikipedia could be easily be edited by both people who are extremely educated and people don't know anything, but there are other people who go through these entries to make sure everything is accurate. What's funny is that this website is EXACTLY what most teachers won't let us use as a resource for most research papers!

05 March 2007

Week 6 -- Exercise #15

I liked "Away from the "icebergs" by Rick Anderson. I liked that each of us is like a little boat that each must power to move to the right direction. Every employee must make an effort in learning new technology to be proficient in assisting customers. SJPL is making its part in allowing staff to learn at their own paces with this "23 things." I am glad that I found ways to learn and enjoying every moment with my teeanger.

Week 6 -- Exercise #14

04 March 2007

Week 6 -- Exercise #13

Del.ico.us is good to synchronize bookmarks. You can have it at various locations. I couldn't figured how to create a cloud tag. It turned out to be simple once I clicked the right button!


Delicious is one of the most useful websites ever. I had to use it for my Stats class last semester because we were writing a research paper, but I used it for like all of my other classes. It was pretty fun though, especially since I could just tell others to go onto my delicious account to see the websites I marked (I think this was for my UN debate in gov). The best thing was that I pretty much could access it anywhere, so I didn`t really worry too much. It was terrible how it was really hard to sign on and book mark it, it took SOOO much work. I guess it was worth it in the end.

So I showed Mom my account and the things I had bookmarked. Pretty nice!

28 February 2007

Week 5 -- Exercise #12

There is only a few color choice for this Rollyo.

27 February 2007

Week 5 -- Exercise #11

If I was to look at the short list of Web 2.0 award winner before I completed my tenth exercise, I would have been familiar with only one award winner, craiglist.

Craiglist is simple to use and it always has what I need or want.

Of course, I heard of YouTube and MySpace.

1. Which SJPL staff haven't heard of YouTube and MySpace?
2. Which San Jose teenagers haven't used YouTube and Myspace?

1. None
2. None

After lesson #10, my knowledge is expanding!

I learned about other award winners in Blog Guides such as Technorati and Bloglines, in Photo & Digital Images such as Flickr, and in Social Tagging such as Del.ico.us.

Watch out, teenager... Mom is catching up with aching hands and tiring eyes.
Once the 23 Things are done, I want more computer time at home!!!

25 February 2007

Week 5 -- Exercise #10

This image generator was taken from

This week is by far, the most fun I had for Library 2.0.

This is taken from http://www.fodey.com/generators/animated/ninjatext.asp

18 February 2007

Week 4 -- Exercise #9

I believe that is is possible that I can work through these exercises using weekly tips from the Virtual Services Team. Just like everything I do in my life, I don't mind hard work. In addition, I have a strong will and determination to successfully complete tasks.

When there is a chance to work with another person, I don't hesitate to join since I find that working in a team is fun and productive. Furthermore, any task will be complete in shorter time.

There are times when a teenager does know more than her mother. It is a blessing to see that a teenager will have opportunities to go further than her mother can ever dream of doing.

RSS-an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary.
I found some useful information at this website http://www.rss-specifications.com


It allows the search by date and relevance. However, the results from searches didn't seem relevant.

Local news for the world. Typing a country, and you get most recent news or just look at the News Front Page.

First third page of results had 2003 date. It was a bit outdated. It also had XML which Rafe Niddleman of CNET described as paid subscription, but can feed through other sources.

The set up for Top searches, Popular and Top Tags are nice, but the standard search resulted in book collection, BMW, and a description of a Sping Break Diary puzzled me.

Standard feed icon is a standard orange icon. I won't forget the color.

Library related blogs:

http://www.lisnews.com ---Librarian and Information Science News

http://ddc.typepad.com --- "Everything you always wanted to know about the Dewey Decimal Classification® system but were afraid to ask ..."

http://www.ipl.org/div/blogs --- Internet Public Library

14 February 2007

Week 4 -- Exercises #8

Having a teenager in the house is a real pleasure!

Wow, a walking technology encyclopedia is at my disposal. Oops, A walking encyclopedia with "roaming time to assist." A roaming time may be revoke at any time for any reason. It's almost like that commercial that describes airtime as whenever to buyer and when never to the company.

My dear, thanks for following through with your commitment.

Rafe Needleman, editor for CNET.com Business Buying Advice, provided a good three minutes or so video on RSS.

This is my blogline Account:

11 February 2007

Week 3 -- Exercise #7

Late night is the best time for me to play with new technology. Well, it is also the time that my teenager is available to work with me. Weeknights were off limits to me due to her school works and multi-tasking with various emails, instant messages, musics, etc...

Do you know any teenager who do not multi-tasking?

On the subject of technology, I do keep up with technology for career much more than I allow time for my personal usage. I know that I can always count on my teenager to keep me up to date. Our family members as well as many other families have gone through many cell phones and digital cameras. However, I innocently ask my teenager from time to time about which button on the cell phone to use, and that makes her laugh so hard, and I am not saying that she laughs "hysterically."

Hey Mom, everyone can read this! Yes, I am one of the busiest people EVER. My life story includes. Track practice everyday from 315- 530. Track meets are ALWAYS on Saturdays, and since I am one of the best Throwers, I always go to the meets, even Invites. I am President of SADD at my school, so Fridays, inbetween the time we get out at 125 to practice, which starts at 330, I have my SADD Junior High Outreaches, when we go to middle schools to have presentations. I am Community Relations of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), I am a Retreat Leader, Eucharistic Minister, GSL Leader, in the Math Honor Society, National Honor Society Member, and CSF Tutor. AND I have a life. Can you understand why I don't have time?

Like we both said, this is really the only time we get quality mother-daughter time. This doesn't include shopping excursions [=

And too bad I get my laugh from Mom!

07 February 2007

Week 3 -- Exercise #6

Flickr is fun and not so difficult to create. Having a teenager to help is the way to go. You'll have fun with the exercises and get to spend time with your loved one.

[Big Island Orchids by Pink from Flickr Toys]

Mom is so cute, she is SOOO clueless about half the stuff this project is about. And me, being the oh so technologicaly saavy person, has to help her! It really makes me laugh, even if I have so much stuff to do and have to rearrange my schedule just to add some Mom time in this! Haha, Mom-bonding much?


my best friend! i mean, one of five of my best friends.

06 February 2007

Week 3 --Exercise #5

[Phalernopsis Orchid by
audreyjm529 from FLickr site]
It took time to prepare myself to write reflection to potential readers. I am not at all worrying about learning new things, but more concerned about writing down feelings, etc...

Teenagers seem to be very comfortable sharing feeling so I recruited my teenager to spend time with me on 23 things. It will be a mother/daughter bonding time and our journey will be so magnificient.

We have a short time to spend together before she is going away to college next year.

Flickr is simple according to a teenager. Flickr is manageable according to her mother.


"Learning 2.0 is online learning program that encourages you to learn more about emerging technologies on the web that are changing the way people, libraries and society access information and communicate with each other." I took that from the blogger account that told us what the goal was for this program. Why does it seems so simple? I guess Mom just wants to understand "the modern world" so to say. Or maybe, she just wants to understand me and all my weird lingo. Haha, and why I go online so much? Seeing the overview of this project makes me laugh, I bet Mom has a hidden motive under working this project out with her. 0.o? I think it's gonna be worth it, at least I get some quality time with Mom, especially since I'M GOING TO COLLEGE NEXT YEARRRR! I so can't wait!

And yeah, so Mom chose the randomest colors. I mean, I didn't even know she LIKED pink! I told her that for my own blogger and myspace, I use my awesome skills to find layouts that are already made. But when I showed her them, she really didn't like them. It would have been so much easier though. There are always ways to adjust/tweek the layout so theyre more "original", trust me, i have done that so many times. Ah, well, you can't always win. I like my %

31 January 2007

Week 2 -- Exercise #4

Virtual Services Team knew my blog name from my email. They suggested that I "blog about the 23 things too."

I felt like being back in school again with required reflection writing. Writing for class assignment was at least confidential since it was for a specific professor. It is going to take me sometimes to get use to the reflection writing and posting them. How many readers are there in the Virtual Service Team?

I went back to three exercises and wrote short comments.